“I have an idea, please don’t ruin it as it is trying to come out of me.” Trent Reznor.

Olu Owolabi is what I go by. Avid Software Engineer interested in tackling and solving problems using computer systems. Whenever I think deeply about life as a whole, or whenever something bugs or becomes heavy in my mind, random thoughts flows through my head. However, being an entity who wants to get the thoughts out as soon as possible, I find it difficult to write professionally, so please just go through my “wacky” thoughts. I hope my message resonates with you, if not – I am crazy or you are just a psycho.


Growing up, I had just one tech savvy around me, which is my up to date my mentor – Lewa Owolabi. I wasn’t motivated by anything technology at the time. However, my dad being a reasonable man put me through a computer school. This gave me an edge up among my peers, which made me somehow interested in learning more about what a computer can do. To cut the long story short, I got deeply interested in Computer Science right from my very first coding class. Right from that point, I’ve been working tirelessly to expand my knowledge and understanding on how I can better the world with my technological skills.


Computer Science as a whole is a broad field and one thing we can all agree on is that, in the nearest future our life would be pretty much about “zero’s and one’s” or “bits and byte.” This scares me and give me joy at the same time, knowing what a computer is capable of, not to talk of, what people are capable of doing when it comes to their knowledge about these machines. For the most part, I’m more concerned when it comes to privacy or security aspect on these machines. A lot of people and companies have no respect for one’s privacy, because the more information you can gather, the more powerful or dominant you can be. Also, noticing the way innocent people fall victim for a lot of social engineering attacks makes me want to do the little I can do to prevent such event from happening. This is the reason I have decided to pursue my career as Software engineer specializing in Cyber-Security, Software Development, AI?ML and Data Science. Furthermore, taking on some personal skill building activities and networking with a lot of people in these fields, is another reason I want to become a developer – critical thinking, problem solving and the fun that comes with is all I am wired for.

Long-term Goal

Will keep this short in the best possible way. Long-term goal is to keep on learning and make sure I have a positive impact both in my field and community, because

“There’s a music playing in my head, either you dance to the tune (even though you can’t hear the tune), or you fuck off.” Olu Owolabi.

Before I forget, Music is half of my life. I’m looking for a way to integrate my technological skills with my love for music in the nearest future.